Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The first weekend of March was upon us and Sara and I decided to jet set to Miami for the weekend. NO BIG DEAL. Before any of you begin to roll your eyes (admit you want to) this was our 'reward' to ourselves for successfully making it through our first winter in the Northeast. Let me tell you, it was NOT easy. In fact it's not really even officially over as Mr. Snow decided to make an appearance (uninvited) last week again. The snow is also on the forecast for this Friday. When will the temperatures be steadily above 50 degrees? One can only hope it's soon or I'm going to go crazy and my next weekend getaway might be to Aruba or something of the like.... stop judging me! But seriously this trip was SO much fun and just what my little soul needed after the craziness I endure everyday in NYC. We had no agenda, but instead just relaxed, tanned (or I did at least ;) ) , ate good food, and enjoyed being away! I love this girl so much and we typically have a good time no matter where we are! This trip was a huge blessing for sure.