Wednesday, October 23, 2013

4 years.

On Saturday, I celebrated 4 years of my 'journey'. I still remember the first workout I went through with my trainer, Albert. It was rough. I actually specifically remember the fact that I thought 10 minutes on the elliptical might kill me (it didn't). I was so out of shape, but also so ready to finally take hold of my life, lose the weight and live a healthy life. So today, I stand here 100lbs lighter (what?) filled with so much energy, focus, and determination.

I remembered and reflected over the last 4 years as I ran for over three hours and capped off the day with 18 total miles. After being injured for the last 6 weeks this was just the run I needed leading up to the NYC Marathon. I ran along the East River, down in Battery Park, and up the West Side Highway taking in some of my most favorite sites: all the bridges, Statue of Liberty, etc. I listed to a Mumford and Sons Pandora Station and forgot about the pace, but just focused on putting one foot in the front of the other. I have come a long way in four years and a lot to be proud of!

I almost can't believe that in 11 days I'll run  my 2nd marathon! I never could have dreamed this life up myself, but am so thankful these days now. For the past 2 years, every day I've dreamed of running this race, and I can't believe it's so dang close! Running has truly changed my life for the better and the community I've made through it can't be compared to anything else. I have made a commitment to myself to stay on track and keep up an active lifestyle and never plan to return to who I once was. Thanks for your support a long the way!