Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hi! I'm alive!

Theme for Fall and Year #3 in NYC:


Not that many people read this blog, but I AM BACK! I want to make blogging more of a priority this Fall since it will be my first season in NYC without being in Graduate School! It's been a crazy two years, but I am so so excited for what's in store in the coming months. The last time we spoke I shared with you all my plans to stay in New York but that I would be looking for a new job. On Thursday, I accepted a position to be the Coordinator of Registration at The King's College. Incredibly humbled to be offered a position to work with this College. This Friday, (the day I predicted 3 months ago) will indeed be my last day at Nyack College! God is so faithful to me.

This past Friday I celebrated not only a new job, but also two years of residing in New York City. I did all of my favorite things too: ate a bagel with one of my best friends, ran 10 miles with Katie, had a great afternoon with some of my favorite runners friends at Frying Pan, and then had a fantastic dinner with my dear friend, Jessica at Lure Fish Bar. I really cannot believe it has been TWO years. I vividly remember the day that I arrived. I was so so scared. I was so fearful of the unknown. Little by little, and month by month I grew accustomed to the craziness and began to truly fall in love with this place and the people of this place. I have made friends and memories that will truly last a lifetime. These two years have been some of the most challenging, stretching years of my entire life, but I've also learned so much: about God, myself, ministry, and life. I learned what it's like to rely on the prayers of your friends to get by each day. I've learned what it's like to truly miss my family. I've learned what true friendship is all about. I would not trade these years for anything. I am so confident and so sure that this is exactly where God has wanted me for these two years. I'm so excited about what's to come in this third year: new job, new roommate, running a MARATHON. Woot.

I have a blessed life. I hope to never forget that.

Some pics to document my summer:

Not FANTASTIC: I hurt my tibia and didn't run for 6 weeks.

FANTASTIC: Tonya spent the summer in NYC and 3/4 of the Fan Four were here! WOOT!

FANTASTIC: I hosted a cupcake/wine party for my runner friends!

FANTASTIC: One of my childhood best friends got married. I've known all these ladies for almost 20 yrs!

(Super) FANTASTIC: I finally met DAVID! YAY! He's wonderful and precious and so cute.

FANTASTIC: Summer 5K series with some of my speedy runner friends.

It's been a great summer! Here's to Fall and lots of new things.... cheers.