Sunday, January 30, 2011

Garrett Hedlund sings "Chances Are" from COUNTRY STRONG

After our dinner we went to see Country Strong to remember our roots :) Needless to say it was AWESOME and Garrett Hedlund was super dreamy. I love the city and kinda consider myself a city gal, but a guy who can rock a cowboy hat and sing is pretty awesome :)

Roommate Night! Go big or Home!

Our free dessert! :)

Rooms was a big fan of these!

My favorite, roommate!


Pre-dinner drink at the bar, don't mind if I DO!

I mean we live in the greatest city in the US... so naturally we went out BIG last night. Because we never do that.... no really we don't ever go this fancy. But it was SO MUCH FUN!

We were wined and dined at Primehouse Steakhouse on Park Avenue! It was amazing. My friend, Ema, is a pastry chef there, and another friend is a bartender. Needless to say knowing 'people' definitely has it's perks in a swanky place like this! Trust me :) If you are ever in NYC, I highly recommend this place. Awesome food, and atmosphere! Cheers!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


One of my best friends, Camille, sent me an email with pictures in October to remind me of how far I've come.

I don't know that person in the top picture anymore. It's so bizarre to me. I spent a good amount of time tonight reflecting and looking at old pictures of who I use to be.

Never going back. NEVER. Keep on keeping on: Every single day!

" Believe in yourself, trust the process, change forever. "- Bob Harper

Monday, January 24, 2011

The family!

Here are 7 of 8 of us. We're awesome. The end.

Dinner of Champs!

In an effort to get back on the healthy wagon (I had fallen slightly off for a while) I began counting calories again today! I feel most in sync with my health when I know exactly what I'm putting into my body. It just feels good to eat good food, and not crap food full of sugar! I can typically eat realatively healthy throughtout the day but the sweet treats and late night sugar fest were getting OUT OF HAND! I put an end to that today.

Here's the game plan:
1. Counting Calories
2. Hitting the gym/exercise hard
3. Eating clean/whole foods
4. NO sweet treats till Spring Break (or later...)

As Bob says on Biggest Loser: 'STAND UP AND FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED!"

I really really want to lose 10 pounds and hit my goal of losing 100 pounds by the summer. I can do it!And I also welcomed backed JILLIAN into my life. I have missed you protein shakes. I really have!

Happy healthy eating! Let's GO!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The only bad thing about being gone from The Empire State for 3 and half weeks was not getting to see my awesome ROOMS, Sara! Words on this little computer screen can't articulate how much of a blessing this girl is in my life. There is no one I'd rather be doing life with on a daily basis right now, as she is just so much fun! In a couple of months we are going to have the privilege to share a room! haha! Earlier on my blog I had mentioned that I'd only be living here until Sara's actual roommate, Janell, moved to NY. Well in December we both decided that me moving was a terrible idea and therefore decided to share a room! YAY!!!

Jesus knew exactly what He was doing when He made us friends. So thankful.

Reasons why she is awesome:
1. We are the SAME (yes i'm awesome too). We say the same things, like the same foods, finish each others sentences, etc. Sometimes it's a little scary/weird how alike we are.
2. She's from Texas and therefore shares my same love for the Great State. We both miss queso, good mexican food, and Tiff's treats!
3. She makes me LAUGH so much everyday!
4. She's a great cook, baker, etc. (This is both good and bad for me!)
5. She's selfless and serves others and me so well. (Remember that time she's going to share a room with me and give her own space just for me?)
6. She loves me really really well! (this is different than #5)
7. She knows me so well already and we've only been friends for a few months.
8. She's a GREAT source of accountability and offers encouragement and prayers, without hesitation. This sort of community is SO rare to find. Why am I so lucky? I'll never know...
9. She loves Jesus and it's so evident!
10. She's just such a great friend. Hands down.

Love you Rooms. Thanks for putting up with my craziness! :)


As you can clearly see I have ALWAYS been a horn fan. Hook'em Forever (despite the ridiculous, awful, long football season we had in 2010) Hopeful for 2011 and my fellow Brownwoodian, Jaxson Shipley to do some damage as a receiver!



100 years old! Here's to hoping I have her good genes :)

They deemed this table, Las Guapas! haha! The cute girls.

One brother and one sister. Missing one brother and four sisters!

Mis Primas!

I went to Mexico over Christmas to visit my mom's family AND to celebrate my grandma's 100th Birthday! It was so great to spend time with all of my extended cousins and to relax, sleep, and eat good food :)

Birthday in Austin :)

These are a few pics from my birthday party, Austin, Texas style! I love all of these people more than words and am so thankful for their faithful prayers and support for my move to The Big Apple. I truly don't know what I would without them. Love you all!