Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Graduation!

This past Saturday I attended the school of Nursing graduation at UT. I went to cheer on my friend, Heather! If there is one person that was ready to be done with college it's Heather. This girl has worked hard. Really really hard in school. She's been through so much, and at the end of the day continues to seek and follow the Lord's will in her life. Heather lost her dad earlier this semester in an accident, and she's proven to be so strong through everything that life has thrown her way. Walking through that tragic experience with Heather, and praying for her has brought so much hope in my life. She amazes me, and I'm so thankful to call this girl my friend. She's one of those people who brings much joy into my life. Her love for the Lord is absolutely contagious, and her love for her family and friends is so wonderful to see and feel. On Sunday she moves to Dallas, TX. I will miss this girl in more ways than I can explain, but I know the Lord will be faithful to her in this next season of her life. She's one of those friends that don't come along that often. I've been blessed and will cherish her friendship forever.

Happy Graduation, Heather! I love you!

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minda312 said...

Wow! that is incredible.

good job heather!

ps. where is she gonna be working in Dallas?