Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Harwood House

Yesterday I turned in the keys to the beloved Harwood house that Laurin and I had the privilege of living in for one whole year. A year goes by SO SO quickly, but it was a good one. I will always cherish my time in this house, in this neighborhood, with that roommate. I will miss it SO much.

Things I loved/memories about this house:
1. It's GREEN! and it's old, but it was SO cute!
2. Our Pumpkin/House Warming party back in October!
3. Hosting our college small group girls here every Wednesday
4. My 25th birthday party!
5. Watching LOST with Laurin
6. Seeing the house next door go from a piece of crap, to be 800,000 beautiful home
7. Being close to downtown/UT/church
8. sitting on the couch with Laurin, just browsing the internet on each of our laptops
9. The adorable kitchen
10. The back porch.

I could go on and on. But I LOVED living here. I will miss it so much, but know the Lord is leading me elsewhere for the time being. I'm now a resident (again) of South Austin. I live about two minutes from a Super Target. Life is still good.

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