Friday, May 21, 2010

Every four years...

Seems like the Lord has decided to do significant things in my life in increments of four years.

8 years ago I graduated from High School. And that summer the Lord rescued me out of my depravity and made me alive with HIM! Jesus saved my life that summer before college, and I will never be more grateful for anything else in my life. No accomplishment, milestone, degree, etc. can ever compare to the greatness of knowing Him.

4 years ago I graduated from the University of Texas! HOOK'EM HORNS. I am a very proud Texas Ex. I'm so thankful for my time at UT, as it's where I really fell in love with the Lord, and began the learning process of living a life for Him. College was so fun!

And today, 2010, I am three and half-ish months away from beginning a journey that's exciting, yet nerve racking, but humbling. I know without a doubt that God is leading me to NYC for the sake of His gospel. And with that, I can't have any doubt that it's not going to be awesome! I'm nothing special. I'm no super Christian. I don't have all the right answers. I still struggle with sin. But with God all things are possible. He uses ordinary people to do crazy things for Him. I'm a prime example of an ordinary person who's just been changed for the sake of the gospel.

What are you willing to do for the Lord that others won't? I challenge you to think about that today.


Amber said...

Hi Leticia! Its Amber Sollock (Now Davis) from UTA~ like 6ish years ago?!

I was just so thrilled when I saw your post on FB about NYC. I too seem to be traveling through life in 4 years increments. But Four years ago for me, I packed my bags and started my new job at an architecture firm in NYC. I had two suitcases, no where to live yet, staying with a friend(of whom I only the address of the place in Brooklyn-had never been there), but by golly---I had a job to start at on Monday morning! So long story short, I found an AWSOME place in Nolita, which is a very short distance from where you're going to school. Everything will fall in place- no worries! I highly recommend setting aside like a week or so to find an apartment. I did it through craigslist and everywhere you go is like intereviewing for a job... but just stick it out. I definitely think its worth finding the perfect place to live(inside Manhatten) and in a fun neighborhood.

Good luck in your travels!

camille said...

i like you a lot :)

22 days!!!