Sunday, May 20, 2012

Brooklyn Half Recap

Yesterday, I ran and completed my fourth half marathon and third in the past three months. I'll be honest and say I'm pretty 'raced' out for now. I wish I were here to tell you of my original goal of 2hrs, but alas I finished in 2:07:04. A 16 second PR. A friend reminded me that a PR is a PR... so I'll take it.

I ran the BK half alongside 14,000+ runners which had an almost even split between men and women runners! It was a great course through Prospect Park, then down Ocean Parkway, all the way down to Coney Island and the famous boardwalk. I enjoyed this race, and I'd definitely consider doing it again.

The actual race:
I was feeling really great in the first 6 miles. I winded up seeing my friend, Erica, and seeing someone you know along the course is just so encouraging! Thanks for coming out, lady! Miles 1-6 were great, I took a GU at mile 7, and then headed out of the park onto Ocean. I had looked at my Garmin when I was at 6.5 and I was at 1 hr and 2 minutes and I told myself that if I could negative split the last half of the course that I'd be really close to 2hrs. I was hopeful at that point of a great PR and a really proud finish. When I hit mile 8, my knee, which had been bothering me all week (old injury, story for another day) starting getting really tight. I knew at that point it was no longer functioning at 100%. By mile 9, 10, my pace had slowed to the high 9:40's and I knew that the 2hr finish was slipping before my eyes. I tried to stay positive even though I was in pain. By mile 12 I was officially spent, mentally and physically but I knew that I was SO close to the finish, this was not the time to give up and walk. When I made it to the boardwalk and knew I had about 200m to go, I booked it and ran with everything I had (which wasn't much!) I saw my time and knew it was right at 2:07.

I went into the medical tent after receiving my medal because my knee needed to be wrapped immediately, and I just needed to sit down and drink some water. Eventually I made it through the crowds and found my best guy pal in the NYC, Andrew! Yesterday was his first half and he ROCKED it at 1:44:56. I am soooo proud of him!

We hung out in Coney Island for about 45 minutes and chatted about the race, stretched, and laughed (because he's hilarious). At the exact same moment we both got a whiff of Nathan's Hot Dogs and at that moment we knew it was time to GO! Ewww. We went back to his 'hood in Brooklyn and enjoyed a delicious brunch with our medals on! I was so thankful to have a good friend to share this day with! He agreed to run the Philly half with me in September. I have hooked him on this whole running thing! I love it!

When I got home last night after spending the whole day Brooklyn with friends I started replaying the race in my head: "how much time did I waste at the water stops?, should I have taken gu twice?, why were there so many hills in prospect park? should I have worn my knee brace?, etc." I was trying to remain positive and be proud of my finish, but I just couldn't shake the fact that I hadn't reached my goal AGAIN! I was frustrated and then all of a sudden I remembered the date. It was May 19th. A day that is so familiar to me because it's the day I graduated from UT. Yesterday marked my 6 year anniversary from that day and at that point I was probably the heaviest and most out of shape I had ever been in my life. When I thought about that and all that I've done the past 6 years I went from disappointed to proud. Some days it's about perspective, and I needed to get a grip and give myself some credit for the ability to run 13 miles! I never gave up, and never will. I know that I'll bust through 2hrs some day.

I dont even know that girl on the right. I feel like a brand new person!

Up next:

1. Speed Series 5K's in Brooklyn this summer
2. Philly Half Marathon in September
3. THE NEW YORK CITY MARATHON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)


dorry said...

I'm so proud of you! love that the date of this weekend was so significant for you, and that you got to share the day with your friend! inspires me to find a race to register for - maybe next fall!

I understand the questioning - I think a lot of us do that after a race, but you rocked it! and I hope your knees are cooperating this week. :)

minda312 said...

so incredibly proud of you. I knew you on the right- and so honored to be able to say I know the girl on the left too. I'd say "You've grown so much!" but that seems ironic and a bit backwards. But seriously. Mentally, spiritually, you've grown so much. Physically- you're shrinking!!! :-)

{cuppakim} said...

congrats friend.
i LOVE seeing you achieving your goals!

and i LOVE the before and after.
like, jaw dropping.

you are awesome.

also, LOVING your new blog address.

AND loving that you wore your medal all day.
that is totally my rule that i must wear any medal all day.
i got my first medal on Saturday and totally wore it to the giants game hahah! :) AWESOME

Jocelyn said...

Congratulations!!!! So happy I was able to hang out in the corral with you before hand!

Camille Crockett said...

i'm sitting next to that girl on the right, and i don't recognize her either! love you!