Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm not a very good at this...

When I started this blog I had full intentions of posting more than every month and half. However, life happens. Especially my life. My life has been extremely busy over the past couple of months. It seems like I don't have a free minute in the day, but in those that come I ultimately desire those times to be in the Word or listening to a sermon, or just listening to Andy Melvin on my Ipod. All three of those things are some of my favorite things to do EVER!

So yes, if you read my previous post and know me at all you know that I went to the DR again! Third time is a charm, right? :) I left for the DR on June 19th and returned to Austin, TX on July 6th. It was a glorious 15 days spent on the Island that I love so dearly. The Lord always teaches me so much while I am there, and it was another incredible experience. Because my life had been so crazy/busy it was SO nice to sit and be still before the Lord in another country. It was awesome to sit with my friends who are serving there and hear about what the Lord is doing in their lives. It was awesome to reconnect with Dominican people that I have grown to love in my time spent there. I'm always incredibly encouraged every day that I am there. I'm challenged to live out my faith the way that they do. I'm challenged to live in the moment of each day. Words on this computer screen won't ever be able to describe why this place is so special to me, but just know that it is. Maybe the Lord will call me there someday.... just keep praying! :)

I hopped off the plane last Sunday afternoon and life picked up right where I had left it two weeks earlier. The sermon that I came home to that night was in the Top 3 of best sermons/hardest sermons I have ever heard at the Stone. I can't get into the depth of the truth spoken through Matt Carter. You should listen to the podcast or grab it online at austinstone.org if you have not listened to it. It's titled "The consequences of Sexual Failure". Just listen. It will truly put you on your face before the Lord.

I move out of my apartment in two weeks from tomorrow. I've lived here for two years next week. It's kind of surreal. My two roommates move out on Tuesday, for their new apartment right down the road. So where am I going? I have no idea. My future roommate, Laurin, is in the DR till August 21st. In the meantime I'm staying with friends and everything I own is going to my friend Hope's garage. We have no idea where we are going to live once she gets back to Austin. And you know what? I'm not worried about it at all. I have peace in knowing that the Lord will provide a place, and that it's all going to work out. Everyone around me is super worried, but this is something that I don't have much control over, so it is what it is. We'll see what works out. Whatever happens I know it's going to be GREAT :) I'm blessed.

I don't have major updates. I do start discipling someone tomorrow. It's the president of Sigma Phi Lambda (the sorority I was in, in college). I'm excited/nervous. Lord, prepare my heart! Work is work. It's going, I enjoy it. The summer has been pretty laid back, and I get to wear shorts! Score! And we're off on Friday's- Double Score! This Friday I'm going to schlitterbahn with a co-worker of mine! Woohoo.

Life is good. No complaints. The Lord is faithful, my friends.


Peace. Love. Hope.

leticia ana <><
1 Timothy 1:5

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