Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Biggest Loser

"What have you done today to make you feel proud?"- Biggest Loser Theme Song

I'm not sure if you have ever watched this show but I hadn't until this Season which started earlier this Fall. I had never tuned in, but had always heard it was an inspring show. I watched this season because my friend Mandy said that a woman that she knew from her hometown (who lost her husband, daughter, and son in a car accident two years ago) was going to be on the show. I decided I would watch because I remembered this story from then. I never knew that a simple show could inspire me and change so many perspectives on health and working out than this show did over the course of this Fall. This season was called, "Second Chances", as most contestants had big things happen in their life, like Abby's story above, Rudy lost his best friend/sister at the age of 14, Allen a firefighter who felt that he was useless at his job, Amanda a 19 year old who America picked to be on the show at the season finale of season 7, and the winner Danny who had struggled with weight all his life. The stories go on and on, but many people who have watched in the past all agree that this has been the best season yet! The trainers, Bob and Jillian, never let any of them quit when it's all they wanted to do in the beginning. The transformations that happened over the course of seven months for these people is unimaginable. Unless you struggle with weight, you will never know what it's like to be overweight. My wake up call came this summer when I woke up as a 25 year old who did not feel good. Since then I have changed my life, my eating habits, and from working out once every few months to six times a week. I'm on a journey to a new me, and this show has been a huge
huge motivator.

For all results check the shows website:

Season Nine starts on January 5th. wanna get inspired? Watch it!

I'm going to share a few pics so you can see what they accomplished:

My personal favorite: AMANDA!
Started at 250 lbs!
And is now at a healthy 163 lbs!

The at home winner was Rebecca who started at 279 and finished at 140 lbs!

The winner Danny started at 430 pounds:
And is now: 191 Pounds!
The dude lost 55% of his body!


minda312 said...


This is awesome! :-) I'm excited to see how you are doing!

camille said...

i love you, friend.