Monday, December 7, 2009

My current thoughts on College Football ...

In my previous post I talked about the fact that I loved UT football. I need to clarify after feeling really convicted earlier today in "loving" something to that sort of depth other that the Lord. Shocking to hear this die hard UT fan say. I like UT football a lot. Earlier today there was a lot of trash talking going on about how TCU deserves to play and we do not, etc. etc. I put in my own two cents, and was quickly deleted by a friend who I have know for over 10 years. It was sad to say the least.

As I was at the gym tonight riding on the elliptical I felt the Lord really speaking to me about how much my heart stirs for college football, but not for the souls of people. Sometimes we (I) care more about a glass football, than we do about the soul of a human being that will spend an eternity apart from Christ if they do not know Him. Why doesn't that stir my heart?

Human trafficking is going on all around the world, with an estimated revenue of 32 BILLION dollars a year. (

And yet we argue about college football.

Two children are sold in human slavery every minute.

And yet we argue about who deserves to be in a National Championship Game.

At least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day (

And yet we argue about being "screwed" by the BCS. TCU this year, and Texas last year.

More than 2 million Sudanese refugee ORPHANS live in Egypt with little to no hope for a future. (

And yet we care more about a glass football to display in a trophy case.

THIS ( is going on in Haiti.

And yet we argue about college football.

Friends that I know live in the Dominican Republic and give their time, energy, and patience everyday for the sake of the gospel: (

And we are more stirred to cry over a football game than a child in poverty.

My friend Constance ( lives in Thailand to educate girls, so that they can change the world and realize they don't have to go into prostitution to LIVE. (

And still we are more concerned with college football than the world around us.

My friend Rebecca ( chooses to live in Philadelphia to teach, and to provide a glimpse of hope to her students in one of the poorest cities in America.

And we argue about college football...

We are free to pursue Christianity, and in Saudi Arabia this is what Christians face: "Besides foreign workers in Saudi Arabia, the percentage of Saudi citizens as Christians tends towards zero, as Saudi Arabia forbids religious conversion from Islam. Some Saudi conversions to Christianity are known only through their being killed by a near relative for the crime of apostasy."

Why don't we care? When did we become so numb to the world around us? When did I become so pathetic?

Lord, I repent of this sin. I repent that often my heart is stirred toward football and not the injustice that is going on in the world. May you detach my hands from the things of this world, and attach myself to you. You are the only thing that is truly Good.


Anna Melvin said...

girrrrl! love this post. thank you for being brave enough to post it. and so glad you had turned your ear to the Spirit to hear His whisper for you. these things are worthy to be stirred for and am grateful for your heart tonight.

constance said...

what anna said.

and come visit thailand.