Friday, April 16, 2010

Blue Dahlia Bistro

"French Bistro meets Farmers Market. Ultramodern loft meets historic district. Hipster coffee house meets the Chitlin Circuit. There’s something about the confluence of all these elements that makes the Blue Dahlia Bistro a perfect microcosm of Austin."- Eat and Drink Austin

This place is one of my FAVORITE places to eat in Austin. It's a small french bistro over on E. 11th street. Mostly organic stuff, and everything is just so freakin fresh and delicious. If you have not tried this place you REALLY are missing out. My favorites reign from the Shrimp Tartine (a fancy name for a sandwich) to their perfect Belgian waffles with nutella :) Yum! They serve their entire menu all day, and honestly everything is so good that it doesn't matter when you go.

Recently, anytime I've had a friend in town and they want to try something new I take them to this place. And I haven't had any complaints yet :) Below is Melinda, my dear friend from Dallas, who was also my freshmen roommate! Time flies, and I'm so thankful to still be good friends with her.
So check out the menu,, and next time you want something new and fun, and really really good go to blue dahlia! You won't be disappointed.

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