Thursday, October 28, 2010


For some reason (grace!) God has uniquely blessed me with some incredible people in my life. I left Austin knowing I had an army of friends praying for me and loving me despite living thousands of miles away. The encouragement that I receive from my friends from home is not something that will ever go unnoticed. I am loved so so well!

My lack of community the first week (or two) of being in the City was KILLING my soul! Jesus is enough, but He also made us for community. He made us to connect with people, and to live in community amongst other believers. So after my fervant prayers, God has provided people in my life who love Jesus and who love me. I could not be more thankful.

Meet, Julianne Grace Park:
I wish that I could accurately describe what this girl means to me, but there just aren't words. Have you ever met a friend and instantly you just connect as if you've know each other forever? I guess that's the best way to describe our friendship. Julianne and I met the Apostles Women's Retreat about a month and a half ago and I thank God each day for this girl! She has stepped into my life and been my community, a great confidant, encourager, and just an overall outstanding friend. She brings a lot of joy and adventure to my life. She helps me think outside the box of living such an ordinary life. I love how passionate she is about so much. Julianne is an opera singer (and a very good one I might add) and grew up on a farm in Washington. Could we be any more different? Probably not. But our common ground is Jesus, and we always tell each other that Jesus knew exactly what He was doing when He made us friends. We laugh together... a lot. We run together. We eat cookies together. We are honest with each other. We challenge each other. This girl is amazing, and I can't thank the Lord enough for bringing such a stellar friend to my life. I love her so stinkin much!

Just to show how much trust I have in her, this past Tuesday I let her CUT my hair. I mentioned earlier that Julianne is an opera singer... not a hair stylist. But again, I trust her :)

Here is the finished product! I think she did a great job!

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.
John 15:13

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