Thursday, October 28, 2010

New York Update

Hey friends! I'm sorry this blog has been uber lame. I had big intentions to keep it up to date with pictures and stories, but alas life happens! Life in the city is good yet very busy. Seminary is in full swing right now and last week was HARD! 3 papers and a midterm. Also I continue to love my job as an Admissions Assistant in the Graduate Admissions Office. Love my new church and my new community group! I am loving all the fun things, good food, and the cool places to go in the city! New York city is one really really awesome city. I am thankful for this season of my life. While not everyday has been easy, today almost two months in, I can say that I am so thankful to be here! Do I know how long I'll be here? Nope. But I know this is where I'm supposed to be for now. That peace is what sustains me, and that peace is what gets me through each day!

Here are a few pics from the past couple of months:

This is my ROOMS!!!! I love her. She is super! Truly a gem of a friend, and roomie. We get along great, are both from Texas, and have so much fun together. I am beyond thankful for God providing her. Sadly, it's only temporary as her permanent roomie is moving to the City in January. Sad day. Trusting that God will provide another great roomie and another great situation. Love this girl!

Brynn came to visit last weekend! We went everywhere in the city! I totally wore her out, but I wanted her to be able to see everything! I think she enjoyed herself and I didn't mind showing her around! Brynn has been my BFF since 8th grade and I'm so thankful that she was able to come and see a glimpse of what my life is like here in NYC!

This was us right before walking across the Brooklyn Bridge! I will admit that this was probably my FAVORITE thing we did. It was a beautiful day. So chill, so fun, and such an awesome view of the city!

In three weeks from today I'll call for a car, head to LGA, and hop on an American Airlines airplane headed back to Austin, Texas. I'll be in the Great State for 11 days. Can't wait! :)

Happy Almost Halloween! All is well in the Empire State. Over and out.

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