Friday, October 14, 2011

I ran a Half Marathon. #NBD

About a month ago, my friend Morgan and I ran the Philly Half Marathon. Although I had trained with one of my FAVORITE people ever, Sara aka Rooms, she had to fly to Texas to be with her family and was unable to run with me. Luckily I wasn't left alone and Morgan came to support and run with me! Yay!

Earlier this summer I decided I wanted to train for a half marathon because I was beginning to get bored with my workouts. I had two goals. A) Run the whole time B) Finish under 2:30. I smashed both of those goals. My next goal is to finish in under 2 hrs. I attest my performance solely to my dedication to my training plan. When I do something I'm either all in or not. Boom.

I'm a Texan, and FULL of Texas pride. I'm fully in the zone here. Love it!

Over and out. See ya next month! :)


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{cuppakim} said...

you are CRAZY awesome.
hero status woman!

i'm off to my first this Sunday - YIKES! my goal is to run HALF of the time ;) and to finish in under 4....although secretly 3:30 would be ideal. :)

you know i'll report back.

thanks for your encouragement on twitter.

and this post is just what i needed to kick off the crazy weekend!