Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My second 10K: Scotland... but not in Scotland!

One of my dearest friends from Austin, Melanie, came to visit me last weekend. In the weeks prior as we planned the details about the trip I said that on Saturday mornings I usually go for a long run. It just so happened to be that I had also planned to race a 10K in Central Park. I asked her if she would be up for a loop of the park and seeing the sights I get to see on a weekly basis. She agreed and signed up, what a trooper! This was only my second 10K to ever race so I wasn't sure what to expect. I have slowly been building up speed so no PR this time around but I was still pleased with my finish considering the the race was super crowded, did lots of weaving, and Central Park hills are pretty relentless. My 'real' goal of the day was simply to finish under an hour and that I did. 

The Stats: 
Net Time: 59:32
Pace: 9:37
AG: 50.96% 

I ALWAYS fall right at fifty %  in my age group. I am just going to embrace the fact that I'm neither super fast nor super slow. 

Over and out. 


applesandglue said...

I would be ecstatic if I fell at 50% lol. Way to go! :)

Physical Therapy said...

I congratulate you for your good performance. I am sure next time you will win prize, keep up your practice.