Monday, October 27, 2008

Baylor.... Sic'em

I know you would never believe I'd actually write a blog about another university, but the day has come. Yes, I'm still a loyal Longhorn fan, and will be... forever, but I've also realized how much I enjoy seeing parts of people's lives, and Baylor University was where several of my good friends spent some great years of their life. Lynn and I decided to head down to Waco this afternoon so she could give me a tour of the campus, and I got to eat at my favorite taco place, Rosa's. It was a fun/random trip and it was so cool to see another part of her life. Lynn is a new friend of mine who I met back in August, and have become good friends over the course of this fall. She's an awesome woman of the Lord, and has brought a lot of laughs and fun times in to my life recently. I love her! I'm very thankful for her friendship and look forward to see how the Lord uses it in both of our lives. Our next "Road Trip" is jet setting to NYC in 24 DAYS!!!

The Lord's been good to me.
Oh, and Texas is still NUMBER ONE. Hook'em Horns!!!!

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