Tuesday, October 14, 2008


If you know me AT ALL you will know that I am a die-hard UT Sports fan. I love the longhorns and bleed burnt orange. On Saturday, we had our much anticipated rivarly game with the evil, Oklahoma Sooners. This game is a big game every year. Texas hates OU and OU hates Texas. We meet in the middle and play at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Tx. Saturday's game was outstanding, and we came up on top of the th #1 ranked Sooners, 45-35. It was one of those games that at times I had trouble breathing, but in the end the Longhorns prevailed! I'm SOOOO stoked! When the new rankings came out on Sunday afternoon, it was the Texas Longhorns that were the new #1 :) Hook'em Horns! Up next: The Missouri Tigers come to town. This one should be just as exciting.

I'd also like to add the rankings of some of my dearest friends:

Baylor Bears- #70
Texas aTm Aggies- #87


minda312 said...

you forgot to add UTA-

no ranking.
stupid school.
doesn't have football.

the end.

Leah said...

poor freakin aggies. we suck man. forgive me for saying "suck" and "freakin" but it's pretty much how i feel about the situation.

hope said...

haha! yesssssss! Texas Texas Yee-Haw! So glad we went to the BEST university in the state of Texas!