Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My trip to Philly

I had the amazing opportunity to go visit my great friend, Rebecca in Philadelphia this past weekend. Rebecca and I have been good friends for the past year or so after meeting last summer interning together for Makarios. She moved to Philly the past June to do the Teach For America program. She's now a fourth grade teacher, and definitely has her hands full. It was so great to see her, her new city, get in some good laughs, and enjoy some great food. Philadelphia is one of the largest cities in the U.S. and also the poorest in the top 10 (I believe). There were some awesome, beautiful parts of this historic city, but there were also some pretty "rough" parts you could say. I think a city like Philly definitely puts in perspective the reality of the world, and that it's not all sunshine and happiness. It was cool to see another part of the U.S. that I had never seen. I definitely can't wait for another visit sometime!

Fun Things from my trip:
1) eat at PAT'S (best cheese steak of my life). I don't think I'll EVER be able to eat a cheese steak in Austin and be satisfied.
2) seeing parts of Rebecca's cute neighborhood
3) witnessing Rebecca's AWESOME parallel parking skills (wow)
4) FREE Bruce Springsteen and Amos Lee concert (but briefly having to hear liberals cheer on Obama- sick)
5) wearing burnt orange in DT Philly and hearing people say Hook'em, and even one guy yelling "Texas" and Rebecca and I yelling "Fight!"
6) Watching the Texas game in a Sports bar in DT Philly with other Texas Exes!
7) Attending Rebecca's awesome church, Epiphany Fellowship
8) Getting to go to New Jersey, just for a grade book :)
9) Eating a Hoagie from a Convenient store.
10) Last but definitely not least, getting to meet Rebecca's fourth graders. Getting to spend a morning watching my friend love and teach these challenging kids. It was awesome.

I love you, Rebecca!!!! :)

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