Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sports :)

If you know me at all then you know that I LOVE sports. Especially the Texas Longhorns! On Monday night the boys clinched the 8th and final spot for the COLLEGE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!! The last time we were there was 2005 and we won! It was the summer before my senior year of college. So yes, my senior year we won baseball and football national championships! Jealous? You should be.
If you didn't go to UT, you will never understand our fasination with all things burnt orange and our love for sports. You just won't get it. Especially if you went to aTm where you are use to losing all the time :) haha.

In other sports news, a guy from my hometown who just graduated was drafted #19 in the MLB draft tonight! He went from Brownwood Lion to St. Louis Cardinal in a minute. Very cool!

Also it's the NBA finals... I don't care for either team really, but i HATE the Lakers. So I always root for anyone who is playing them. Let's go Magic!!!!!! Too bad they are down two games. Hopefully they can win tonight, they are up by 4 right now.

And last but definitely not LEAST....

86 days till TEXAS LONGHORN FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!
Hook'em HORNS!!!!!!!!!

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Leah said...

Random factoid - My brother in law is a pro baseball agent, and #19, Shelby Miller is his client.

Oh, and I tried not to barf when I saw all that Orange and White but it was tough. :)

Thanks and Gig 'em. :)