Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Tree on the subway? CHECK!

Yes, it's true last week we were THOSE girls who took a Christmas tree on the Subway. In fact we were those girls who ran down the steps with it as the "L" was approaching, and since that train doesn't come often we had to catch it. Was the train packed? Yup. Did we care? Nope. Mind you this was after we made our friend Angie hold the tree inside of CVS as we went and picked up ornaments and lights.... don't judge us!

Sara had been talking for weeks about getting a Christmas tree. I honestly didn't think she was that serious. Last Thursday when she continued talking about it, I asked her if we should just get a fake one and the look she gave me summed up that she thought I was just plain crazy. So yes, last Thursday night we hailed the tree from the East Village all the way out to good ole G'Dale Queens. Sara was so excited as you can tell from the picture!

And I will admit.... it was kinda fun :)The finished product! Merry Christmas :)

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