Monday, December 6, 2010

Deep In The Heart Of Texas... Part II

So I've been back in the City for a week now so I figure I should blog about my adventures from the Great State! I had been looking forward to this visit for quite some time now. Let's be honest, my BFFE Mandy and I had a 80 day countdown from the day I left to the day she'd pick me up at at the airport! I arrived to open arms and warm Tiff Treat's in her car. Do I have a great friend or what? I spent the next four days with my best friends in Austin. Catching up on life, getting pedicures, and eating lots of good Texas BBQ, Queso, and Mexican food. Don't judge me.
On Monday I headed home to Brownwood with my nephew who know is the owner of my old car, my precious red jetta! The jetta I bought all on my own, and signed 25 papers piece of paper for one afternoon. She is now in property of my college-sophomore-UT student- nephew. She was clean, and I think he takes good care of her. Remember that time I wrote a paragraph about my car? Whoops.
I spent from Monday- Sunday in Brownwood with the family! It was so nice to see them and to relax at my parents house. I love them and it was such a nice break away from the chaos of my life in the City! It was nice to get to places in under 10 minutes in a car. What a novel idea, right? On Friday I went to Abilene to watch the Mighty Brownwood Lions take down yet another team in their voyage to their 8th State Championship. These boys are good! Jaxson Shipley (who will be a Longhorn next year) is just plain ridiculous! Hopefully he can redeem next season for the Horns, because this season was just terrible... but that's a whole other story. Sunday my parents took me back to Austin, we enjoyed some Hula Hut, some mall shopping, and a course a trip to Target. We have our priorities, that's for sure. That night I spent the night with the Robles' at my old house! I love them, and miss them greatly. I was so happy to see 'my' dog Colt too! Hope was gracious enough to be willing to take me to the airport Monday morning at 4am to catch m 6am flight back to NYC. Remember when I thought that a six am flight was a good idea? yeah, me either.

Sunday night we went to church at the Stone. While I was a church the Lord spoke to me to great depths. The sermon was amazing (The Story of Redemption, all scriputre, all memorized by Ronnie Smith... truly incredible!). But more than the sermon the Lord reminded me of his great grace for my life. He reminded me that His will is more perfect for my life than mine will ever be. He reminded me that what is going on in Austin, with my friends, with my church, with that city are all GOOD things, but in this season I'm not supposed to be a part of them. Being able to articulate that is so refreshing to me after only being in NYC for about 3 months now. I can say that I'm happy, and mean it. I can say that despite my life being pretty nutzo most days, God provides me a peace that sustains me during the craziness. God called me to be here for now, and He has provided in ways that I don't even understand. I have great friends, I'm in seminary studying and learning so much, a great church, and I'm being stretched in more ways than ever before. I'm thankful and I trust Him every single day. Texas will ALWAYS be home, but I'm really starting to love NYC.

Over and out.

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