Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day of Birthday!

Yup, here's my second blog post about my birthday! A third one is coming as tonight I got to celebrate with my best friends in Austin. Go ahead and judge me, I honestly just use this as an excuse to get all my good friends together at once. Ha!

Anyway- the above pic is me and one of my very best friends from college, Camille! She and I were instant friends junior year and our friendship has been such a blessing in my life. If it weren't for Camille I would have never probably gone to the Dominican Republic, and my life would probably look so much different today! She is such a great friend, and I had really been wanting her to visit, so what better weekend than last weekend? :) It was such a joy to have an old friend in town to celebrate with a few new friends! I actually was pretty sick all weekend so having a friend in town who was completely content doing anything or nothing was so wonderful for me! Love you Cami, thanks for coming to visit!

The day started with me waking up to smell delicious blueberry and chocolate chip muffins waiting for me in the kitchen. My rooms had gotten up early just to make these for me! Dang, I love that girl! I know she loves her sleep so the fact that she got up early just for me reminds me how lucky I am to have to live with such a great gal!

Later, Camille and I headed into the City to eat some Dominican food! I hadn't had any since moving to City and I was determined to enjoy some rice/beans/maduros and some cafe con leche on my special day! haha! The rest of the day was spent out shopping in the freeeeezing cold weather!

That night I kept it pretty chill and just had dinner at a new burger place in Soho, called B&B (Burger and Barrell) with a few friends. Burgers and wine. Expensive, but delicious!

I had soooo many wall posts, texts, phone calls, and cards come in the mail that blew me away. I felt so loved and I can only thank God for giving me so many wonderful friends.

26 was a great year. 27, let's see if you can top it!
Shanna, Andrew, and my Rooms at dinner!

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