Monday, February 22, 2010

The Egypt Girls.

January 2009- Cairo, Egypt

These are the Egypt Girls. None of them are Egyptian, but God changed each one of our hearts in really big ways when He led us on a trip to Egypt in January 2009. Since then God has truly been so good to us. He formed a special bond that will never be broken. Most of our friendships began while we were far away from Austin, far away from our everyday lives, far away from cell phones, or facebook, or anything like that. Together, we lived in true community for 10 days, and God just united us in a really special way. I've never connected at this deep of a level so quickly with any group of women in my life. We truly just enjoyed each other that week, and we loved each other, and we SERVED with each other. I think the last one is what ultimately created that bond, and our experiences in Egypt will never ever leave our memories or our hearts. Over a year later, we are still friends. Over a year later, we can get together and still laugh and remember all that God taught us that week. Over a year later, we all deeply love each other's company. I am thankful for each one of these women. They have ministered and loved me in ways they will never even know, or understand. This group of women is special, and I'm so thankful to have met them. Three of them are returning to Egypt in March and I'm a little jealous :) Pray for Anna, Cara, and Michelle.

God is good.

December 2009- Austin, Texas

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