Saturday, February 27, 2010

STAMP of approval: Fashion Edition. But I'm not fashionable.

Here come some more stamps of approval by yours truly.

Up first are GAP V-neck sweaters. I have LIVED in these this winter (and yes, Texas has had a winter this year in my opinion!). They are SO comfortable and I really do love them. Check out, Gap's Website, for yours today! I have them in about 10 colors. Quit judging me. (For the record, Gap is my favorite store so basically this stamp could be put on everything they have! I am a huge fan of their jeans!)

Second are Sperry's! I don't wear these because they are "cool". I wear these because they are seriously so comfortable. Are they they cute or fashionable? No. But I love them, and I wear them just about everyday, usually with jeans and v-neck sweater. Call me ordinary. Oh well!For the summer I'm getting these in blue! So cute! Chances are you will see me in these, shorts, and an american apparel vneck. I like vnecks and boats shoes if you couldn't tell.

Last are what's become my favorite brand of watches: Kenneth Cole. These watches are nice, and I think are worth the amount of money they cost. My mom bought me one last year for my birthday (2008) and I still wear it a lot. My mom bought me another one this past year too. I don't have the one below, but isn't it a beauty? You can find these at any department store. I got both of mine at Macy's. But they actually have a Kenneth Cole outlet in Round Rock so they would be cheaper.

Anyway, there is my materialistic blog for the weekend. HA! Just kidding. I appreciate nice stuff, but I know life isn't all about this stuff.


Leah said...

Girlfriend, I am loving the variety!

Leah said...

of your posts that is...