Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Todo en espanol!

Last Friday night, Christie and I decided to have a night totally dedicated to spanish/Mexican things. Christie is one of my best friends here in Austin, and we always have a great time together whenever we hang out. I also am her mentor, and our friendship has grown so much through our times in talking about the Lord together. She is one awesome girl! So thankful for her! And the fact that she is one of the funniest people I know definitely helps bring a ton of joy to my life. In my birthday card last year she wrote that one reason she loved me was because I didn't judge her for not so secretly wanting to Mexican! Ha!

We started off our night by eating Tacos at Torchy's, she got carnitas (totally mexican) and I had fajitas (boring I know).
There slogan is damn good tacos. And honestly, I have to agree. The fajitas and the corn tortillas are fantastic, and this is definitely climbing the list on one of my favorite places to eat in Austin.

After dinner, we decided to go to Fiesta! We had talked about going here for a long time. Fiesta is a grocery store in Austin that has a TON of Mexico products. There are two locations here in Austin and if you are ever wanting something you might have had in Mexico, chances are you going to find it here. Taking this girl here was like taking a 5 year old to a candy store and telling them they could have WHATEVER they wanted. Seriously, Christie had a blast! It was fun for her to collect some things for her classroom (she's a Spanish/Uteach major at UT and currently student teaching at Bowie H.S.) And just pick up other random Mexican things. So so fun!

Lastly, we went back to her apt to watch a "Mexican Film" as she kept referring to it. It was called El Norte. It's basically about a brother and sister who are fleeing from Guatemala to the "Norte" aka the USA. They eventually get to the USA, to LA actually. This movie was entirely in Spanish, and it was super super weird/random. Oh well! I wish I could tell you how it ends, but sadly we fell asleep, and yes it was about 10pm. Don't judge us!


haha! :)

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