Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Fantastic Four.

The Fantastic Four: Me, Mandy, Tonya, and Candace.

We are four friends who met in college in the Fall of 2004, through our sorority, Phi Lamb. I wish that I could fully articulate what our friendships have been like, but just know that God has been good to us. We all come from small towns (Tonya and I actually grew up about 30 minutes from each other). Two of us are single, two are married. Tonya and I are one year older, then both Candace and Mandy. The younger ones are married! It was such a joy to see them find their husbands, and then see them on their wedding days. I'm thankful that Tonya is single, and we can share about what God is teaching us through singleness. Two are teachers, and while I work at a school and Mandy is a business girl, we sometimes find it difficult to understand how Tonya and Candace teach kindergarten (and do it well) everyday! We decided we'd keep our sanity :) The Lord has perfectly designed our friendships. We have been through a lot together. We have all seen the best and worst of each other. We've gone through seasons of happiness and sorrow together. I think because we've seen the worst of each other, we understand grace even more. God has restored our friendships when they suffered, and He has so evidently had His hand over our lives. These girls are my community. These girls are my confidants. These are the girls who have been my biggest supporters though my journey to a "healthy me". These are the girls that I can laugh or cry with. These are the girls that I know I can ALWAYS count on. These are the girls that love me despite seeing my faults. These are the girls that offer grace.These girls are the girls that I will miss IMMENSELY when I move. I'm so thankful for them. I love them so much!

Here are some pics of us throughout the years!

Us At Mandy's Wedding

Us at Mandy's Rehearsal Candace's Wedding!

Halloween 2005!

Phi Lamb Closing Ceremonies 2006

My 24th Birthday

My birthday!

Tonya's Birthday in 2007 (I think!)

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Candace said...

What a SWEET post! Love ya!