Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jet setting!

I really really really really like to travel! I don't think you you quite understand (or believe) how much I like being in airports and being on planes. It's actually quite strange, because I like it so much. Maybe I missed my calling in life and should have been a flight attendant. Maybe? Anyway! Last year I only went on TWO trips all year long, but it was to my beloved city, New York City, and the other was on a trip with my church to EGYPT. I am not complaining! It was almost a year later before I got on another plane which was just a few weeks ago to California. My next trip is scheduled for this May in going back to my beloved, yes, NYC! I'm going for a long weekend over Memorial Day weekend with my great friend, Jaclyn! Should be a good time. And in less than a month after that I'll get on yet another plane to my beloved country, of the Dominican Republic. So here's to traveling.

I have a feeling over the next few years jet setting to a from Texas will be on my list of favorite things to do. Hopefully there will be some jet setting from my friends who all come and visit me in the Northeast. I say "Northeast" because I haven't made my final decision on seminary just yet. But that's coming in the next couple of weeks. Get excited. I'm going to be updating you on seminary plans very soon. Maybe even tomorrow.

A list of all the cool places I've gone in the past couple of years:
May 2007- New York City
June-July 2007- Dominican Republic
January 2008- Colorado
March 2008- Dominican Republic
June 2008-July 2008- Dominican Republic
October 2008- Philadelphia
November 2008- New York City
December 2008- Mexico
January 2009- Cairo, EGYPT
March 2009- New York City
February 2010- California
May 2010-NYC
June-July 2010- Dominican Republic

I live a hard life.

I like American Airlines.

I like free drinks on planes.

I like people watching in airports.

I like reading on airplanes and journaling about my upcoming trip.

I love to travel.

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