Saturday, March 6, 2010

Stamp of approval: Restaurants in Austin, Texas (Unhealthy Edition)

Hut's. Oh Hut's, how I miss you. Despite my desire to eat healthy, and stick with a pretty strict eating plan, I won't lie and say that I don't STILL crave a good hamburger. I hadn't eaten any hamburgers in months until I went to California and ate half (another story) of one at In-N-Out. Hut's is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than In-N-Out. I will (yes, yes I will) eat this before I leave this great city. I might be sick afterward, but it's worth it. My favorite (no pun intended) is actually the Hut's Favorite: Bacon, Cheese, Mayo, Lettuce, Pickle. Um... delicious. Did I mention they have awesome fries/onion rings. Well they do. AND really really good shakes! Yikes. I need to stop thinking about this place right now.

This is pretty much a staple for Austin. Any tourist we have in this town goes there. It's on the lake, it's a cool atmosphere, it's good food, it's decently priced. Why not? If you go, do yourself a favor and order the pipeline enchilada or chicken flautas with a side of rice and beans. They have the best rice and beans next to my mom's (and that is saying ALOT!). I havent been here in a while, but it has never, not once, disappointed me. There entire menu is great.

The above pizza place has to be the best place for pizza in Austin! It's basically authentic NY pizza right here in the capital of Texas. These slices are thin, and huge! I am not really eating pizza right now ( the last time I did I was sick for over a day, true story), but this is for sure my favorite place to go if I were. If you are a pizza fan, especially thin, then you HAVE to try this place. You can get "by the slice" before 6pm or after 9pm and that's the best deal in my opinion.

Let's just say if you have never had a breakfast taco from the place above, the you have never had the greatness that is breakfast tacos! While these days I take mine on corn tortillas and typically no meat, this place has a taco called the "Don Juan" which equals greatness. It's a mountain of egg, potato, bacon, and cheese. It's delicious.

There are lots of these restaurants throughout Austin and it's quickly became one of my favorite place to get fajitas. They are always delicious, and they have some awesome corn tortillas (I'm told the flour ones are great too). They have good prices, good service, and great food. Go try some!

... and I'm officially hungry.

Happy Weekend!

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Bethany said...

This pst makes me miss Austin so much! Love, love your blog pretty lady!!