Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm moving to New York City!!!

Yup, it's official. I'm moving to this great city to pursue my degree in Urban Ministry from Alliance Theological Seminary. I've known for a while that this is where I was being led, but it took a while for me to finally want to officially say it. I guess owning up to it makes me realize that indeed (Lord willing) it is indeed going to happen! I'm overjoyed. I have a huge heart for the city of New York, for the nations of people that dwell within it, and for the potential for ministry. It's going to be awesome.

Here are answers to a couple of questions you might have:

"When are you leaving?"- My plan right now is to move around September 1st. School starts September 8th, and last time I checked NYC is not cheap, so I can't really afford to be there any sooner. Plus I want to spend as much time in Texas with family/friends :)

"Where are you going to live?"
- Right now I'm still praying that God would open up the door for this. A dear friend of mine from Dallas is also praying about moving to the city, and we've talked about potentially living together, but nothing it set it stone. You can be praying for me about this! My seminary is located right in Manhattan, actually right by Chinatown, so living right in the city is something I really desire.

"How long is seminary and how long are you going to be gone?"- Seminary is approximately two full school years, so I will at least be there until June or July of 2012. However, I have NO idea what God is going to do with me in regards to ministry. J.R. Vassar said they moved to the city with "no exit plan", so that's my heart right now too.

"Can I come visit you?"


Leah said...

I knew it! That's so awesome. Excited for you. :) Matt's younger brother and our future sister in law are potentially moving to NYC for the next 3 yrs because he is most likely going to law school at NYU. I should put you guys in contact. You are older than them, but they go to Stone and it might be nice to have some TX people up there. :)

empirestateofmind said...

Im moving to nyc sept 1st as well. pls check out my blog and keep in touch.