Monday, March 29, 2010

I need a new telefono...

My phone decided to crap out on me and it won't take a charge anymore. Luckily my upgrade isn't for another month (hence the sarcasm).
Don't be jealous that for the time being I get to use the Motorola Razr. I know you are all super jealous right now, but just stop.

I'm currently debating on what phone I should get next.I've been trying to avoid getting the iphone. I'm just trying to say NO to the pressure. I've been pretty good at it, since the iphone has been out for almost 2 years! Should I succumb to pressure? We shall see...

The only other phone I like is a samsung touchscreen. We will see.

this post didn't have much interesting info. i'm sorry that sometimes my life is boring.

In other news, i LOVE nights after work when i can go workout, and come home and have NOTHING on my agenda. feels good.

1 comment:

hope said...

That Razr is so freaking awesome. I think you should stick with that one:)
Get the iPhone. It's worth it. Why settle for an imitation?:)
but hold off until June if you can. I think that's when the newest one comes out.