Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekends are too short.

I wish I had something more inspiring to say. I DO have a 4 day week, then 4 days off for Easter! yay :)

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I finally got to see Remember Me. WHOA. Such a great movie. I had no idea what is going to be like, but it far surpassed what I was thinking. And I also got to try out Terra Burger, and all organic burger place on the drag that I've been wanting to go to for forever. Laurin, my old roomie, was in town so she and I went! I was excited she was here because I knew she would appreciate it. It did not disappoint at all. It was a tad bit pricey, but that's what happens when you eat good, real food, and not processed cheap crappy food.

The end.


hope said...

my processed food is good! ps. we're both gonna die in the end:) and yea for 4 days of work, 4 days off and the another 4 day work week!

minda312 said...

and Melinda, your OTHER and FIRST old roommate, was also in town. And you had breakfast with her.

The end.