Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Spoiler Alert: If you are not watching this season yet and still trying to catch up, DON'T read this post. (Camille, that's for you!) Unless you want to know some of the crazy stuff going on this season!

Here are 10 things that are just NUTS to me about Season Six: The Final Season of LOST.

1. How the crap have we not known that Jack had a son? Who is like 12 years old too!

2. I am so confused about Sayid and his lady friend. I was really confused that she's married to his brother? What?

3. Where did Desmond go after Jack went to the bathroom on the plane? Was he just a figmant of his imagination?

4. How did Rose/Hurley not recognize each other on the Island if Hurley was the owner of the company that she works for?

5. What have the people of the Temple been doing this whole time?! What a boring life.

6. Ben is apparently a school teacher. And he's still creepy.

7. Claire is totally freaking me out. I'm really hoping she doesn't really kill Kate.

8. I am REALLY ready for the Kate/Jack/Sawyer trio to end. Kate, choose Jack, and be done with it. Was anyone else surprised when Sawyer completely rejected her? He really loved Juliet.

9. Speaking of Juliet. I don't think I realized the hell and back this character had to endure. (Until I rewatched Season Four the other day, stop judging me) Chances are we will see her again in Sideways life. I hope so. She's one of my favorites.

10. Sideways life. Enough said.

There are only TEN more episodes left. And I am going to confess that I am really glad. I just want all of this to end so I can go on with my life and stop being so confused.

The end.

Oh wait, PS: I STILL cannot stand Locke, or the Black Monster he is now. Ugh, this character has annoyed me since day 1 when he was sitting on the beach!

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